Company Profile
Company Profile
Hadad-Diamonds Company Profile


Started its diamond business in the ‘70s when Albert Hadad, today the President of the Company, began working as a diamond polisher.

Within a short time he opened his own small diamond-producing factory, and soon became known as one of the most skilled artisans in Israel in the uncut stones and diamond industry.


Later Albert Hadad’s sons joined the business, and the company has grown and today has contacts throughout the world.

The main reason for Hadad Diamonds developing into one of the leading  companies in the world is its expertise in large diamonds and in the  manufacturing process from the cutting of the rough stone to the polishing of the finished diamond.


We are primarily involved with 1 carat to 50 carat diamonds, in all shapes, colours and degrees of cleaning. We even accept orders for diamonds in special colours. Above all we provide our customers with first class service and over the years  have established a reputation for total reliability.

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