Rough Diamonds
Rough Diamonds
Rough diamonds

Rough Diamonds

Diamonds come from mines or from the ocean where they are found in the form of a stone, and the production process later turns these stones into diamonds. Many people are under the mistaken impression that diamonds are found in their final form, and are therefore unaware that a diamond’s beauty primarily depends on how it is polished and the parameters given the diamond to bring its beauty out to the maximum.


DeBeers, the leading diamond mining and marketing group in the world, provides many manufacturers with their rough diamonds. Rough diamonds do not have an exact price, but are sold according to an estimation of what the stone will bring once it is made into a diamond. We therefore have to use all our talents and experience both in purchasing our raw materials and in turning them into quality diamonds at a reasonable price.


While some dealers trade only in rough diamonds and some only in polished diamonds, Hadad Diamonds purchases its rough diamonds with a view to producing the finished diamond in the right shape. This production process itself requires much thought, planning and care to achieve the best results.



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